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Our Vision: The Daniel Boone Area School District Dining Services department will assist in developing excellence in each and every student. We will provide students with quality food and nutrition knowledge, skills, and the values they will need for a healthy body in an ever-changing society.

Our Mission: Daniel Boone Area School District Dining Services department will provide nutritious meals that meet the recommended dietary allowances for school-age children. We will support nutrition education and health awareness in the District and participate in community and parent heath awareness groups.

Nutrition Commitment:
   • Student meals will contain adequate calories and a variety of foods to support growth, development, and healthy weight.

   • Our nutrition standard will be based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the Food Guide Pyramid.

   • Student preferences and input will be considered in menu planning, since foods must be eaten to provide adequate nutrients.

   • Staff development opportunities will be provided for school food and nutrition managers and staff.

   • Purchasing practices will ensure the use of high quality ingredients and prepared products to maximize acceptance.

   • We will support Nutrition Education through the Dining Services department.

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