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So, school supplies are in the stores, sales are running, and kids are asking for most, if not all, of it. Some stores provide lists of what each school needs. We at DBAIC aren’t going to have any lists there. We are keeping it basic:

Pencils - you know your kid by now - do they need all 12 you buy on Day 1, only 2-3, or do you need to have them on Amazon auto-delivery?
Backpack that could hold a folder and school stuff - maybe even a lunch box if your child will pack.

For the classroom - if you’re able and your child may benefit from these sometime this year:
Lysol (or generic brand) sanitizing wipes
Box of Tissues
Hand sanitizer
- if there is a concern for your child related to these, we’ll work through it privately.

If you need something more, your child’s teacher will be communicating that to you. On that note, we’re working very hard on teaching assignments and making sure every class is awesome! Therefore, they’re not done yet and we don’t have a definite date on when they’ll be released. Relax and continue enjoying summer - it’s not August yet!

Also, the classroom stuff does not need to weigh your child down on Day 1. We have Back to School Night the evening of Wednesday, August 29 and you can bring it then if you’d like. Detailed times for the event will be posted in a few weeks.

Hope this helps & we’ll be in touch again soon!
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Sorry should have posted the tours first!

They need to have something for the parents new to this school before school starts. I know nothing about DBIC this is our first year here

Why is this after school starts??

Yes, sounds like Daniel Boone is using common sense approach, and not making back to school a scavenger hunt for supplies.

So they can bring their supplies 3 days after school starts? Weird.

Juliana Ponee Renee Bostick. Kelly McCorristin

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A note from the new principal:

Dear DB Family,

It is with great excitement that I introduce myself as the new principal of a great part of the DB community! My name is Megan Weber and I have been employed by the DBASD for 15 years, first as a middle school math teacher, then a high school math teacher, and most recently as an assistant principal there. Some of you may also know me as a mom in the DB community. My husband and I have two children, one who is going in to 3rd grade and the other in to 5th. (Yes, I will be my children's principal and we are all good with it.)

Also coming on board as the Assistant Principal is Curtis Fleming. He comes to us from the Neshaminy School District. He is working hard this summer to learn about our programs and is looking forward to meeting our families and working with our students and staff.

At the end of the year, Mr. Miller graciously allowed me to come and introduce myself to the students and staff. Therefore, your child(ren) may have told you that they met me before the end of the school year. If not, it may be that I did not meet them, but I tried! For those I was able to meet, they were awesome and super welcoming! Mr. Miller will be missed, but we wish him well in his retirement!

On another note, the DBASD Board of Directors approved the renaming of Amity Elementary Center to Daniel Boone Area Intermediate Center. This culminates with each building having the entire DB community’s students together at each level and uses a consistent naming convention across the district. Previously the middle school and high school were officially Daniel Boone Area Middle School and Daniel Boone Area High School. Now MEC will be Daniel Boone Area Primary Center (DBAPC) and AEC will be Daniel Boone Area Intermediate Center (DBAIC). We will refer to them as the Primary Center and the Intermediate Center.

Thank you for all you do to support your children and our district! I look forward to working with every one of you!

Mrs. Megan Weber
Daniel Boone Area Intermediate Center
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Congrats Megan! You will be a great Principal.

Congratulations and best wishes in your new role!

You will be definitely missed at the high school. However, I'm excited you'll be at the elementary where my youngest will be in 1 more year.

DB Intermediate Center students and family are very fortunate to have you stepping into Mr. Miller's shoes! Congrats and Good Luck!

Good luck in your new position!

We will miss you SO MUCH at the high school!! The elementary kids are very lucky to have you ❤️

Congratulations! My daughter said you did a great job at the high school.

Welcome to our school! I’m sure you will get to know my granddaughter by name 😬

Congrats and welcome! Also, congrats to Mr. Miller on his retirement.

Welcome and thanks for posting the note. Enjoy the rest of your summer.

Welcome Mr Fleming!! Congratulations Mrs Weber!!!

You are going to do awesome Congratulations

Congrats and welcome from Celtic Spirit Martial Arts.

Congrats! Logan was so excited to tell me!

Welcome Mrs Weber and congratulations !

Welcome!! We look forward to meeting you!

Congrats, Mrs. Weber! Our HS kids will miss you ❤️

Welcome to AIC, Mrs Weber.

Best wishes on your new position!

Congratulations Megan

Congratulations and welcome 😊

Best wishes on your new position!!!


What a nice note! Welcome!

Congrats Mrs. Weber!

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Daniel Boone Area Intermediate Center

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3 weeks ago

Daniel Boone Area Intermediate Center

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We are new to the district. My daughter is going in to 5th. I will be registering her by the end of the week:) She is really nervous about starting a new school

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