2016-17 will be an exciting year at Amity Elementary Center. Our motto, using the letters AEC, is “Achievement, Excellence, and Community”. We strive to meet those expectations every day.

Our entire staff is dedicated to helping each student achieve at the highest possible level and we continually urge students to aspire to excellence. AEC students also have the freedom to discuss community service initiatives with me throughout the year. Last year, AEC students donated over $8,000 to various charitable causes. We also started an “Amity Talks” segment on our Thursday morning announcements when I read letters from students with suggestions.

This year, we will have a newly renovated office, a new Zero Period to start the day for activities and enrichment, a reconfigured library, and new laptops and ipads for enhancing the use of technology in lessons. While all of these are nice things, it is still the quality of our students and staff who make AEC a special place for learning.

Have a great school year and feel free to call me at 610-689-6240 or send e-mails to with any questions or concerns.

G Dane Miller, Principal
Amity Elementary Center

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