Facility Use Fee Schedule

FacilityCategory ICategory IICategory III
Elementary/ Gymnasium
No Charge$50.00$1500
Middle School Gymnasium
No Charge$250$1500
High School GymnasiumsNo Charge$250$1500
High School AuditoriumNo Charge$350$1500
Middle School AuditoriumNo Charge$350$1500
Elementary Cafeteria (no kitchen)No Charge$50$200
Middle School Cafeteria (no kitchen)No Charge$100$200
High School Cafeteria (no kitchen)No Charge$100$300
Elementary Cafeteria (with kitchen)
No Charge$75$300
High School/Middle School Cafeteria (with Kitchen)No Charge$200$400
ClassroomNo Charge$25$50
Athletic FieldsNo Charge$200$500

The fees above do not include amounts charged when additional school personnel is required.

The Director of Facilities will designate what special employees are needed.  Charges for those employees will be based on hourly rates and will be the same for all classes of activities.

Category I School-related groups and organizations and any civic organization, non-profit organization or recreational department within the bounds of the district that provides services such as scholarships, awards, recognition programs, or organized activities to the youth of the district.
Category IINon-profit, governmental, community, civic, recreational and service groups from within the bounds of the Daniel Boone Area School District when admission is charged or fund-raising activities are conducted for profit.
Category IIIGroups from outside the Daniel Boone Area School District or commercial groups or organizations within the Daniel Boone Area School District.

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