1:1 FAQ

Student iPads will be managed by the district. Approved apps will be available through our self-service portal. Decisions about what apps and content should be placed in the portal will be based on requests by teachers and departments and updates will be made on an ongoing basis. iPads are configured to access the Internet through our school’s Internet filtering system whether they connect from school or at home, limiting exposure to inappropriate web content.

No. School owned iPads are specifically configured and managed to enhance functionality and student safety. Our educational team has carefully chosen a suite of apps to support student learning. Having a consistent platform will enable our teachers to create an effective learning environment.

Yes. Students will be able to download apps from our self-service portal that are either free or licensed by the school district, however, if space runs out on the device, non-class related apps will need to be removed. The school has carefully selected an extensive suite of applications. We will continuously seek out the best educational materials and will solicit suggestions from students, faculty, and parents.
No. The iPad is intended to be an individual student tool and the responsibility of a particular student. Borrowing or lending iPads at school or at home is not allowed.

The iPad is an academic tool to be used in the classroom under teacher supervision. iPads are not to be taken out or used in bathrooms or locker rooms

Students will be issued plug adapters and cables for charging their iPads at home. The iPad can hold a charge for 10 hours, and our expectation is that students arrive at school each morning with their iPad fully charged. A replacement fee will be charged to student accounts for lost cables and chargers. Parents are encouraged to setup a safe charging area in their home to facilitate nightly charging.
Yes. Student iPads will be configured to use the district web-filter both in the district and when connected to home or public WiFi. Daniel Boone Area School District has configured the iPad to protect students from obscene material, child pornography and other visual depictions deemed harmful to minors as defined by the federal Children’s Internet Protection Act. Of course, the Internet is dynamic and no system is perfect. Should your student encounter anything inappropriate, s/he should be instructed to report it to the school office. As a parent or guardian, you are encouraged to report it. We can make manual adjustments to our filter.

Students will have access to their Google Drives from their iPad devices. Work that can be synchronized with Google Drive should be stored there and will be available for access from any Internet-enabled computer or tablet device. Part of the students’ initial orientation will cover Google Drive use. Students may also share and collaborate on work stored in Google Drive. Students may use iCloud, as well, if they choose.

Students will still be responsible for the completion of their classwork, without the use of the device. These are the same expectations that would apply if a student forgot a textbook or other class resource.

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