Employees of the Month

The Employees of the Month Award is designed to pay special tribute to outstanding employees in the Daniel Boone Area School District, where we recognize that all staff members face many challenges in their daily duties of education and to promote public recognition and respect for the education profession. This program celebrates the exceptional work of positive role models who:

  • Inspire all students to reach their highest academic potential and work to maximize their social and emotional development;
  • Consistently support high expectations for learning and responsible behavior at school and within the community;
  • Approach their duties with creativity, enthusiasm, and a true appreciation for the individual differences among all students; and,
  • Cultivate a life-long interest in learning among all students.
  • The program is implemented with the involvement of Local Community Partners, Parent Organizations, Daniel Boone Area School District Foundation and School Board.

Nomination Process

Employees and Students are encouraged to nominate an employee by clicking here.  All submissions will be reviewed and winners will be notified at the end of each month.


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