Applying to College

Your first task in applying is to get application forms. That’s easy! You can get them from your high school’s guidance department, at college fairs, or by calling or writing to colleges and requesting applications. The trend, however, is leaning toward online applications, which you can do at the school’s Web site. Admission information can also be gathered from college representatives, catalogs, Web sites, and directories; alumni or students attending the college; and campus visits.

How do I apply?

There are a number of methods for applying to college. Keep in mind not all schools utilize the same methods, please be sure to check with the college(s) you would like to apply to for their preferred method(s) of application.

  • Paper Application (Individual School or Common Application)
  • Online Application (Individual School or Common Application)
  • Applying to Pennsylvania State System Schools visit

We encourage you to take advantage of online admissions applications. They speed up turnaround times and help prevent possible errors made when your application information is typed into the system because you’re transmitting your data directly into the admissions system.

Tips for filling out an application:

  1. Follow the directions to the letter. You don’t want to be in a position to ask an admissions officer for exceptions due to your inattentiveness.
  2. Make a photocopy of the application and work through a rough draft before you actually fill out the application copy to be submitted.
  3. Proofread all parts of your application, including your essay. Again, the final product indicates to the admissions staff how meticulous and careful you are in your work.
  4. Submit your application as early as possible, provided all of the pieces are available. If there is a problem with your application, this will allow you to work through it with the admissions staff in plenty of time. If you wait until the last minute, it not only takes away that cushion but also reflects poorly on your sense of priorities.

What is considered an application package?

Generally speaking an application package is made up of the following items. Keep in mind though, not every school requires all this information. Please be sure to check with the college(s) you are applying to for the items they require.

  • Application Form
  • Application Fee
  • Personal Essay
  • Teacher Recommendation Forms
  • School Report Form/Counselor Recommendation
  • Transcript (9th – 12th Grade)(Courses, GPA, Rank)
  • SAT/SAT Subject Tests/ACT Scores

What are colleges looking at for admittance?

Colleges are interested in the information listed below when deciding whether or not to admit an applicant. Please keep in mind that colleges do differ in how they evaluate this information.

  • Grade Point Average
  • Class Rank
  • Difficulty of courses
  • SAT and/or ACT scores
  • Recommendations
  • Activities/Awards
  • Personal Essays
  • Personal Interviews

Application Process at DBHS

  1. You must complete a Release of Student Records Form. Forms are available at the DBHS Counseling Office. The form requires a student signature and a parent signature if you are under 18. Transcript requests cannot be processed without the release form on file.
  2. Mail or electronically send your college application(s) on your own. Be sure to use appropriate postage when you mail it. If applying online be sure that you have actually submitted your application. Applying online usually requires a credit card. There are some colleges that waive the application fee if the application is completed online. Check the websites for colleges you are interested in.
  3. See your counselor to fill out a DBHS Transcript Release Form so an official transcript can be sent to the admissions office for each of the colleges for which you are applying. Forms are available at the DBHS Counseling Office or on our website. If a college requires students to submit all application materials together in one package, then you must include all parts of the application when submitting your transcript request form.
  4. Students must allow a minimum of 10 school days for transcript processing. Please pay particular attention to deadlines.
  5. Many colleges will require that you submit teacher recommendations. When you ask a teacher to write you a recommendation, you must supply the teacher with a stamped envelope addressed to the institution for every request. We suggest that you provide the teacher with an Autobiographical Sketch/Resume to assist him/her in writing the best recommendation possible. We encourage you to ask teachers for recommendations at least 10 school days in advance. Teacher recommendations are not processed through the counseling office except when the college specifies that all application materials be sent in one envelope.
  6. If a college requires a counselor recommendation, then you will need to provide your counselor with the recommendation form for the college. Some colleges only want a letter from your counselor. An Autobiographical Sketch/Resume is helpful for your counselor to provide a thorough evaluation.

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