Course Selection

The faculty, staff, and administration of the senior high school are dedicated to affording our students the best education possible. Through measuring data, analyzing graduation requirements, listening to our faculty, staff, and students, we are committed to providing every student of Daniel Boone with a rigorous curriculum that not only challenges but inspires creativity and hopes to ignite new interests and passions within our students in the four years they are with us. This program of studies will offer details on the academic options available to the students of Daniel Boone Area Senior High School.

Our guidance department will assist students in making the best choices to suit their needs. Whether it is a goal of college, vocational school, the military, or the work force, they will ensure that students choose not only what is necessary for them to meet their goals, but also what will help them to explore new subject matter and grow as an individual.

We hope that our students will create a schedule that challenges them, but is also enjoyable. We hope they choose something new that they never tried before or aspire to build on the knowledge they have already gained in a favorite subject area. Whatever their direction, we are confident that we can provide them with a course of study that will prepare them for their future. Let these courses be the foundation for becoming a lifelong learner.

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