Graduation Requirements

All students entering grade nine are expected to achieve the requirements contained in the Strategic Plan in order to graduate. Listed below are the guidelines for the completion of these requirements:

Credits Curriculum Area Subject Matter
4.00 Language Arts Reading, Composition, Listening, Speech, Literature and Grammar
4.00 Social Studies History of the World, United States, Pennsylvania, Multicultural Studies, Geography, Civics, Economics
4.00 Mathematics Problem Solving, Mathematical Reasoning, Algebra and Geometry
3.00 Science Life, Earth and Space, Chemical or Physical Science, at least one lab science course
0.50 Fine Arts Art, Music, Theater, and Dance
0.50 Computer Applications Word Processing, Database, Spreadsheets and Telecommunications
1.32 Physical Education Aerobics, Regular Physical Activity
0.50 Health Safety, First Aid, AIDS Prevention, Instruction in the Prevention of Alcohol, Chemical and Tobacco use
0.25 Technology Education Careers, Systems, Problem-Solving and the Impact of Technology on Individuals and Society
0.25 Family and Consumer Science Careers, Parenting Skills, Nutrition
0.33 Traffic Safety Driver Education Program – Class of 2015 ONLY
6.00 Electives A minimum of six (6) additional course credits offered in any of the above areas or the Foreign Language, Business, and approved courses at the Berks Career/Technology Center.
24.65 Total Credits


Demonstrate mastery of the student learning outcomes in the nine academic areas as specified by Chapter 5, Section 5.202.

An eligible student, as defined in Section 14.1 of the State Board of Education Regulations, may satisfactory complete a special education program in an Individualized Education Program. The IEP will describe any adaption’s and modifications to the student learning outcomes, student project, and community service necessary to meet the specific needs of the student.

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