Summer Assignment Guidelines

It is the goal of high school teachers assigning summer work to give students the best opportunities to succeed academically. Summer work in Advanced Placement and honors classes begins the building of a secure foundation for the challenges of a college level course for high school students. Students actively engage in teacher directed research and activities independently or in peer groups in preparation for the convening of the class at the start of the school year. By completing the summer work, students demonstrate commitment to the rigors of the course, refresh their knowledge of applicable content from past related courses, and establish study techniques which can be used and modified throughout the course.

The assignment of required summer work is subject to the following constraints:

  • Required work is only assigned in Advanced Placement or honors level classes.
  • Summer assignment requirements and implementation must be consistent when a course is taught by more than one teacher.
  • A description of any required summer assignment should be submitted electronically to the high school office in order for it to be posted on the High School Website.
  • If an assessment is given based on summer work, it cannot be given prior to the second day of the course and before students have an opportunity to ask questions and review the content with their teacher.
  • Due dates are at the discretion of the individual teachers. Students must be informed of the due dates when the summer work is assigned.
  • Late submission of assignments is penalized at a rate of 10% per day past the due date; students who fail to hand in a summer assignment within ten days past the due date will be removed from the course.
  • Students who are late additions to the roster of a course with required summer work will be given a modified due date which will adhere to the same late work policy.
  • Students who complete summer work and drop the course prior to the start of school will not be given credit for that summer work.
  • If scheduling conflicts prevent a student from taking a course after the student has completed the summer work, credit cannot be applied to a course in another subject area.
  • Instructions for submission must be provided by each individual teacher when the summer work is assigned.

The type of summer work assigned (e.g. review assessments, reading and writing assignments, self-directed learning, problem solving) and the volume of summer work are dependent upon the needs of the individual course.

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