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Please note- The procedures we follow for the safe snack in the classroom are only for snacks eaten in the classroom.

Because of our controlled environment in our cafeteria, children ARE able to bring items containing peanut butter, eggs, or tree nuts in their lunches. We ask that you pack their safe snack in a separate container for this reason.
Thank you!
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Peanut/Tree Nut/Egg Safe Snack List
This list is being provided to you in an effort to share safe alternatives that can be eaten during snack time in all of our classrooms. It is necessary for us to avoid any snacks that contain egg, peanuts, peanut flour, peanut oil, peanut butter or other nuts. This includes snacks with egg, almonds, coconuts, filberts, Brazil nuts, cashews, hazelnuts, macadamia nut, pecans, pine nuts, pistachios and walnuts.

Please read labels carefully to make sure the products are egg and nut free. This includes labels that read “May contain traces of peanuts/nuts” or “processed in a peanut/tree nut facility”. Food labels and ingredients change over time, so please always read the label each time before purchasing snacks that will be consumed in the classroom. It is necessary to include the packaging of your treat when you send it to the classroom, so that the label may be rechecked by the classroom teacher before consumption.

Thank you, in advance, for your consideration and support in keeping food-allergic children safe from having a life threatening allergic reaction at school.


Any fresh fruit
Applesauce cups
Raisin, Craisins, and other dried fruits
Fresh vegetables and vegetable dips

Yogurt in individual cups or tubes (no peanut flavors)
Pudding in individual cups (no peanut flavors)
String Cheese or other cheeses
Drinkable yogurt or smoothies
Jello cups

Goldfish crackers
Kraft Handi-Snacks
Animal Crackers (Austin, Zoo, Barnum)

Utz chips
popchips brand
Cape Cod chips
Lay’s chips
Pringles chips
Wise chips
Good Health Natural Foods Veggie chips
Pirate’s Booty Veggie

Herr’s popcorn
Utz’s popcorn
Bachman’s popcorn
Wise popcorn

Utz’s pretzels
Herr’s pretzels
Rold Gold pretzels

Tortilla chips
Herr’s tortilla chips
Utz’s tortilla chips

Rice Snacks
Quaker rice snacks

Fruit snacks
Betty Crocker Fruit roll ups
Betty Crocker Fruit by the Foot
Fruit Gushers
Betty Crocker Fruit Flavor Snacks
Clif Kid Organic Twisted Fruit

Chips Ahoy
Lorna Doone
Nabisco graham crackers
Nabisco Honey Maid
Teddy Grahams

Cheese snacks
Utz’s cheese curls
Pirate’s Booty
Utz’s cheese balls
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IMPORTANT---Please review this very important information about the snack procedures we follow at MEC. We have the following guidelines in place to keep all of our children safe. They follow the PA Dept. of Health regulations for managing allergies in school environments. It is important that you review and abide by these guidelines. This letter will also be shared at parent orientation on Thursday, August 24th, which will be held at MEC from 6:30-8. Please understand that your child's snack must adhere to the guidelines. If the snack doesn't follow these guidelines, then we cannot have your child consume the snack in the classroom. We thank you, in advance, for following these procedures, which are necessary to keep our students safe.

I am writing to you on behalf of our students with life threatening allergies to peanuts, tree nuts or egg. It has been suggested, through research, that the best way to provide a safe environment for our students would be to enlist the support of our parents to help make the classroom a peanut and egg safe setting for children. The safest way to reduce allergy risks is for you to send an individually wrapped snack with the ingredients clearly listed. This means that each child in kindergarten, first and second grade classrooms are being asked to bring an individually wrapped, egg, peanut and tree nut free snack to school that has the ingredients clearly listed. If you are unable to provide a snack that is individually wrapped (single serving), please send the peanut and egg safe snack in a sealed bag or container with the ingredients taped to the package. Obviously snacks like peanut butter crackers, peanut granola bars and other snacks with peanuts do not follow the guidelines we are required to follow. Many other foods like muffins, granola bars, and cereal will require label reading before being packed for your child’s snack, because sometimes there are “hidden” peanut or tree nut ingredients. In addition, snacks that are processed in a facility that processes peanuts are not permitted to be eaten in our peanut safe classrooms. Snacks that are sent that do not have the ingredients listed or are not located on the safe snack list (attached), will not be permitted as a snack in your child’s classroom. Fortunately, there are many safe snacks that are listed in the attached letter. This procedure will be followed for snack time as the snacks are eaten in the classroom. However, if your child is a packer for lunchtime, his/her lunch may contain peanut or egg items because we will have the cafeteria set up to keep our peanut and egg allergic students safe from exposure to products containing these allergens. Please pack your child’s lunch separate from their peanut or egg safe snack.
The guidelines we are following can be found at the Pennsylvania Department of Health website.
We wish to express our sincere appreciation for your support and understanding of this safety precaution in our efforts to prevent a potentially life-threatening reaction to snacks including peanut, tree nut or egg ingredients. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions in reference to the snacks. Thank you for your cooperation and your help to keep all of our students safe!
Mrs. Small, School Nurse
Mrs. Melanie Hefter, Principal
Monocacy Elementary Center
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Teacher assignment letters will be placed in the mail tomorrow so they should be arriving soon!

We are so excited to start a brand new school year with our rising first and second graders!

We are delighted to welcome all of our new kindergartners as they begin their journey as our youngest Daniel Boone learners! We are so thankful for our MEC school community!
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