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2014-2015 School Year

In addition to forces that impact the regular Kindergarten Schedule resulting in a “Modified Kindergarten” schedule, there are an additional eight Early Dismissal Days that occur throughout the school year. Using a “Switch Day Kindergarten” schedule district is able to balance more evenly the instruction provided for both AM and PM Kindergarten sessions, while again responding to the state required attendance regulations.

On select early dismissal days AM Kindergarten students will attend school and PM Kindergarten students will be off. Likewise, on the remaining early dismissal days, PM Kindergarten students will attend school in the morning and AM Kindergarten students will be off. Please refer to the chart below to understand the details of the “Switch Day” schedule.

On days when only AM kindergarten students attend school the kindergarten students will be bused on their regular elementary bus run. On days when only the PM kindergarten students attend school in the morning, the kindergarten will be picked up at their regular assigned bus stop.

If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact your child’s school. 


Dates students will NOT attend school

A.M. will attend in (No P.M. Kindergartners attend)

P.M. will attend in (No A.M. Kindergartners attend)

November 24

May 8 *

December 23

May 22
June 10 *
June 11
June 12

      * May 8th and June 10th were previously scheduled for AM kindergarteners to attend. These dates are now switch days for PM kindergarten students. Please note: the last day of school for AM kindergarteners is now June 9th.

Updated: 03/20/2015

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