• In 2007, Daniel Boone Area School District began a new procedure for collecting school taxes and per capita taxes for residents of Amity and Union. In 2012, Borough of Birdsboro also switched to lockbox collection for school real estate and per capita taxes. School and per capita taxes for Amity and Union townships and Birdsboro Borough can be paid at any Tompkins Vist Bank Birdsboro or Exeter location, or mailed to the lockbox address printed on the Daniel Boone tax bill.

    Tompkins Vist Bank and the Berks County Intermediate Unit have developed a system whereby taxes collected by Tompkins Vist Bank are recorded in the bank’s computer generated files and are electronically transferred into the BCIU’s tax system which Daniel Boone uses to record tax information including payments. Reports with deposit advice from Tompkins Vist Bank are sent to the Business Office to be checked by our tax clerk who also processes the small number of exceptions or errors that must be posted to the system manually.

    If, as a taxpayer, you mail your payment on the last day of a cutoff period, please make sure it is postmarked with the proper date. If paying in person, the bank will only collect payment for the correct amount based on date.

    If you do not receive your tax bill by the beginning of the third week in July, please call our tax clerk at 610.582.6140, ext. 1164, to have a duplicate bill sent to you in order to complete payment prior to the end of the discount period. Any other tax questions/information can be directed to this number.

    Tax Payer Instructions

    1. If your tax bill is paid by your mortgage company, please forward the entire bill to them as soon as possible so they may take advantage of the discount period.
    2. If your taxes are not escrowed, you can pay your bill at any Tompkins Vist Bank (Birdsboro or Exeter location) or mail payment to the lockbox location found on the tax bill.
    3. Failure to receive a bill does not entitle an owner to discount or remission of penalty on taxes.
    4. A discount of 2% on all tax bills if paid prior to the end of the discount period.
    5. A penalty of 10% is added to all taxes if paid after the flat period end date.
    6. If you no longer own this property, please provide the name of the new owner(s) on real estate bill and return to the Daniel Boone Business Office at the address indicated on the tax bill or call us at 610.582.6140, ext. 1164.
    7. Only full payments are accepted unless taking advantage of installment payments.
    8. Final date for July real estate tax bill payment is December 31 of each year. After this date, tax bills are turned over to Portnoff Law Associates and payment arrangements must be made through them. The telephone number for Portnoff Law Associates is 866.211.9466.
    9. The final date for per capita payment is June 30 of each year. After this date, bills are turned over to Berkheimer Tax Service and payment arrangements must be made through them. The telephone number of Berkheimer Tax Service is 800.360.8989.

    Exoneration For Per Capita Tax

    A Per Capita tax is a flat rate tax levied upon each adult within the taxing district. The tax has no connection with employment, income, voting rights or any other factor except residence within the district.

    The School Board shall at times make exoneration for per capita tax payments. Requests are based on the criteria below.

    • A person who has an annual income of less than $5,000 or $10,000 for married couples
    • A resident on active duty in the armed services outside the district any part of the year, except those attending reserve training camps
    • A person who has moved from the district prior to July 1 of the year of tax in question
    • A person who has paid elsewhere and can produce a tax receipt for verification of said tax payments
    • Individuals who are permanently impaired by reason of physical illness, physical disability, mental illness, mental deficiency or other unusual circumstances may be given special consideration by the Board
    • A full-time student who is 18 years of age or older

    Exoneration requests must be submitted on the “Application for Per Capita Tax Exoneration” form. In all cases, exoneration shall be valid only for the current/specified year.

    If you are a relative of a taxpayer who resides in the school district and has unfortunately passed away prior to the date of the current per capita bill, please do the following:

    • Write a short message stating so on the tax bill and send to the Business Office. No future per capita bills should be received for those individuals

    What to do if you receive a Real Estate Tax Bill, Per Capita Tax Bill, or Reminder Notice and the bill has been paid.

    If you receive any of the above notices and you believe your bill(s) have been paid, please contact the Business Office by mail with the following information:

    • name of the mortgage company if payments are escrowed
    • date of the check if the taxpayer paid
    • amount of check
    • copy of the canceled check
    • date mailed
    • where it was mailed to based on township
    • if paid at Tompkins Vist Bank, which branch and when it was paid

    Our tax clerk will research using the information supplied and contact you as soon as possible.

    Homestead/Farmstead Applications

    The Homestead/Farmstead application is a requirement of the Tax Relief Act (Act 1).

    The application is processed and approved by the Assessment Office. Once an application is approved as a homestead/farmstead the owner is eligible for the tax relief and will not have to file again unless circumstances change regarding the property. Each year prior to December 31, individuals who do not have an approved application on file, as well as those who have acquired property within the school district during the year, will be sent an application for completion. Forms can also be obtained by calling 610.582.6140, ext. 1164. This application MUST be filed with the Assessment Office by March 1.

    It is very important that eligible taxpayers complete this form by March 1. If the filing deadline is missed, the taxpayer will not be eligible for any tax relief which would occur with the school tax bill mailed on July 1 of that year.

    Any questions regarding whether your property has or is approved can be addressed by contacting the Berks County Homestead Office at 610.478.6263.

    Interim Tax Bills

    Interim tax bills are issued on a quarterly basis to those taxpayers who received an assessment increase or have moved into a new home and have received their final assessment. Interim bills are based on the difference between the old and new assessment.

    If you use a mortgage service, contact them prior to forwarding the bill to them to ensure they pay interim bills.