• The information provided on this page is intended to provide a general overview of the roles and responsibilities in our office. If you are experiencing a problem or have a question, please submit your request for assistance by CLICKING HERE


  • Scott Matz, Director of Technology

    Email: scott.matz@dboone.org


  • Dave Tirpak, Systems Manager

    Email: dave.tirpak@dboone.org

    Chase Endy, Level II District Support

    Email: chase.endy@dboone.org

Data Services

  • Becky Raneiri, Student Information System Specialist

    Email: becky.raneiri@dboone.org

Help Desk Services

  • Michael Wisser, Level I Building Support

    Email: michael.wisser@dboone.org 

    Andrew Jacobs, Level I Building Support

    Email: andrew.jacobs@dboone.org

    Louis Olszewski, Level I Building Support

    Email: louis.olszewski@dboone.org

Instructional Technology

  • Tracy Driehaus, Instructional Technology Coach

    Email: tracy.driehaus@dboone.org