• Insurance logo The purpose of the 1:1 program is to maximize student learning by providing students access to online resources and applications.  Teachers can also use information from online assessments and programs to effectively adjust and improve their instruction. The 1:1 devices are the property of Daniel Boone Area School District (DBASD) and are configured to help students maximize their learning opportunities.

    As with any school property issued to a student, there is a responsibility to take appropriate care of these valuable resources. To ensure that the district is able to repair damaged devices and provide loaners at all times for students experiencing problems, optional technology insurance coverage is available to our students. The cost of the optional insurance is $25.00 per device, per school year ($10.00 for economically disadvantaged families). Students who do not purchase the optional tech insurance will be responsible for the full cost of repair or replacement of the device in the event of immediate damage or loss.

    All incidents will be reviewed by the Administration for proper classification.

    Items Covered:

    • Accidental Damage: coverage pays for damage caused by accidental drops, falls, spills, and collisions. An accident will be determined by the administration. $25.00 deductible for repeat claims in the same school year.
    • Theft: coverage pays for loss or damage to the device due to non-negligent theft. The police report number must be submitted for the claim to be eligible.
    • Fire: coverage pays for loss or damage to the device due to fire. An official copy of the fire report must be submitted for the claim to be eligible.
    • Natural Disasters: coverage pays for losses caused by natural disasters.


    Negligent, dishonest, fraudulent, intentional, or criminal acts. Examples include, but are not limited to, the following:

    1. Lying or misrepresenting information on the damage reporting form
    2. Not carrying the device in the district-provided case.
    3. Not reporting damages on time (within 2 business days of damage occurrence).
    4. Lost or misplaced hardware.

    Device insurance does not cover lost or damaged chargers.

    Example repair costs:

    Below you will find the fees for repair/replacement of damaged devices or accessories: