• The purpose of the 1:1 program is to maximize student learning by providing students access to online resources and applications.  Faculty members can also use information from online assessments and programs to effectively adjust and improve their instruction. The 1:1 devices are the property of Daniel Boone Area School District (DBASD) and are configured to help students maximize their learning opportunities.

    Student Responsibilities

    1. Take care of your device. It is your responsibility to keep the device from dropping, damage or theft.
    2. Your iPad includes a case and a charger. You are responsible for maintaining the condition of not only the iPad but all accessories. Students will be expected to leave the case attached to the device at all times.
    3. The iPad is a learning tool and should be with you each day during school.
    4. Having the iPad with you and charged is part of being prepared for class.
    5. Do not remove any district tags or stickers from the device.
    6. Do not lend your iPad to another student, or use another student’s iPad.

    Maintaining your iPad

    1. Do not drop or throw the device.
    2. Do not allow the device to be stolen.
    3. Do not leave the device in a room or car when unattended.
    4. Avoid excessive temperature changes. Do not leave your device in a hot car or unheated space.
    5. Do not use your device in wet environments such as kitchens or bathrooms.
    6. iPads should never be left in an unsupervised area. Unsupervised iPads will be confiscated by staff. Disciplinary action may be taken for leaving your iPad in an unsupervised location.
    7. Carry your device in a secure manner. We recommend carrying the device in a school bag and not in the open.
    8. Stickers or removable decorations are permitted on the top cover of the device. *Note – should we need to replace the device there is no guarantee that the stickers or decorations will be retained.
    9. Do not decorate or write on the device with a permanent marker, paint, or other substances that are not removable or may damage the iPad.
    10. Do not use cleaners of any type to clean the device. A dry rag, microfiber cloth, or soft cloth may be used to remove smudges from the screen. You may also bring your device to the building helpdesk to be cleaned.
    11. Do not have food or drink near the device.
    12. Do not attempt to repair your device. Bring all damaged devices to the helpdesk.
    13. If you suspect that your device has been stolen, report this immediately to the helpdesk personnel or the main office of your building.

    Safety, Security, and Privacy

    1. Filtering of web content will occur while logged into the device 24×7 on and off school property.
    2. The webcam is not accessible by the district administration, faculty, or staff at any time, even if the device is suspected of being lost or stolen.
    3. Students may only log in to their assigned device and not use/access another student’s device.
    4. Students must keep their passwords confidential.
    5. Students may UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES use the webcam or microphone of the device to video or record a teacher, staff, or another student without their permission.
    6. There is no expectation of privacy when using district-issued technology or other technology resources. 
    7. Students’ personal devices are not the property of the district and are, therefore, not monitored directly by the district if not connected to the network.

    Device Damage and Insurance

    1. The optional insurance fee is $35.00 (non-refundable) a year per device.
    2. Insurance is for accidental loss or damage.
    3. The insurance covers basic wear and tear, and minor damages to the device.
    4. All loss or damages will be investigated and assessed for cause and severity. The administration will determine if the loss or damage is intentional or the result of gross negligence. Damages will be assessed and communicated to the parent/guardian.
    5. Insurance does not cover the damage or theft of another student’s device.
    6. Gross negligence and intentional damage are not covered under this insurance policy. The full cost of replacing the device will be charged to the family.