• In addition to weather conditions that impact the regular Kindergarten day resulting in a “Modified Kindergarten” schedule, there are an additional eleven Early Dismissal Days that occur throughout the school year.  Using a “Switch Day” schedule, our district is able to balance more evenly the instruction provided for both AM and PM Kindergarten sessions, while again responding to the state required attendance regulations.  Please refer to the attached sheet to understand the details of both the “Switch Day” and “Modified Kindergarten” schedules.

    Important note: Please realize that this schedule is subject to change due to calendar adjustments such as snow days, etc. We will communicate any changes.

    On “Switch Days” when only the AM kindergarten students attend school, the Kindergarten students will be bused to school no different than any other school day and will be sent home on a different elementary bus going to the same stop—there will be no mid-day Kindergarten bus runs.

    On “Switch Days” when only the PM Kindergarten students attend school, the Kindergarten students will be picked up on a different elementary bus going to the same stop and will be sent home on their regularly scheduled afternoon bus.   Typically, you can expect your student to arrive home 3 hours and 50 minutes earlier than their normal afternoon drop-off time.  Example:  If your student normally is dropped off at 4:00 PM on a regular school day, they will be dropped off around 12:10 PM on an Early Dismissal day.  Please be sure to be at the bus stop at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled drop-off time.  Your child will be returned to school if there is no one at the bus stop to meet them.

    AM Kindergarten students will attend school at their regular time on the following Early Dismissal days—PM students will NOT attend:

    • November 22, 2021

    • November 23, 2021

    • November 24, 2021

    • June 1, 2022

    • June 2, 2022

    • June 3, 2022

    PM Kindergarten students will attend school in the morning on the following Early Dismissal days—AM students will NOT attend:

    • December 23, 2021

    • February 17, 2022

    • February 18, 2022

    • March 2, 2022
    • April 6, 2022
    • May 27, 2022

    • May 31, 2022

    Dates Updated: 02/10/2022