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    Daniel Boone Digital Learning/DBDL

    This method will be used if there is a disruption to In-Person Learning

    Blazer Virtual Academy/BVA


    • Student is at home - off campus/building
    • Student’s instructional schedule is the same or similar to In-Person Learning with a synchronous learning format; however, may also include daily asynchronous lesson posting and discussion board
    • Student participates with the class remotely from home in scheduled small group and large group direct instruction lessons taking place throughout the day with classroom peers via camera and online meeting technology
    • Student does NOT live-stream into the classroom for the entire day, only for scheduled direct instruction lessons provided by DBASD professional staff which typically last no longer than 45 minutes each session
    • Assignments and classwork are the same or similar to In Person Learning Peers and are completed on own at home and submitted to the teacher through a learning management system such as Google Classroom or Schoology
    • Provides access to Daniel Boone Area School District PA standards-aligned curriculum: https://www.dboone.org/Page/428
    • Students are held accountable for the same class requirements, due dates, and attendance as their In Person Learning Peers
    • Provides flexibility to transition from in-person learning to digital learning by semester/trimester, quarter, week
    • Student is at home - off campus/ buildings
    • Student follows their own daily schedule to keep pace with the course schedule
    • Majority of instruction is asynchronous, meaning a teacher does not deliver in person lessons
    • Coursework is completed online and submitted online
    • Course content does NOT directly match course content or pace of DBASD curriculum In-Person Learning or DBDL classes, rather third-party vendor Edgenuity© PA standards-aligned curriculum
    • Courses facilitated by DBASD staff
    • Semester commitment