• DB Digital Learning - Virtual Learning Option

    The Daniel Boone Digital Learning - Virtual Learning Option connects Daniel Boone students with instruction occurring in Daniel Boone Classrooms. The program:

    • Student is at home - off campus/building
    • Student’s instructional schedule is the same or similar to In-Person Learning with a synchronous learning format; however, may also include daily asynchronous lesson posting and discussion board
    • Student participates with the class remotely from home in scheduled small group and large group direct instruction lessons taking place throughout the day with classroom peers via camera and online meeting technology
    • Student does NOT live-stream into the classroom for the entire day, only for scheduled direct instruction lessons provided by DBASD professional staff which typically last no longer than 45 minutes each session
    • Assignments and classwork are the same or similar to In Person Learning Peers and are completed on own at home and submitted to the teacher through a learning management system such as Google Classroom or Schoology
    • Provides access to Daniel Boone Area School District PA standards-aligned curriculum: https://www.dboone.org/Page/428
    • Students are held accountable for the same class requirements, due dates, and attendance as their In Person Learning Peers
    • Provides flexibility to transition from in-person learning to digital learning by semester/trimester, quarter, week (K-5 ONLY)

    Logitech meetup camera Classrooms will be equipped with Logitech Meetup cameras. The device was chosen to ensure a full view of the classroom via an HD webcam. Additionally, the microphone and speaker bar of the unit allows the teacher to effectively engage our remote learners. 

    TV on a Cart The device is mounted on a cart that contains a computer to facilitate the sharing of content from iPads or any desktop application to the stream. A TV included on the cart allows the teacher to visually see the remote students, rather than their presence being audio-only, to help facilitate a more personal connection and increase student engagement. 



Enrollment Form

    • To register for a virtual learning option, please click here

Frequently Asked Questions

  • General Questions:

    • If a child is in school today and they are sick tomorrow, are they able to do digital learning "live" that day they are sick from home? Yes
    • What is the date that we need to make our decision by? The enrollment window will be August 3rd to August 5th.
    • With the DB Digital learning, if we go into the red phase will the teacher still be teaching synchronously? Or will it be recorded? Both
    • Will students learning from home be able to use a feature such as the raise hand feature or microphone ability to ask questions in real time during synchronous instruction times or is the video only available to watch? Student will be able to ask live questions during the traditional school hours of operation.
    • Can multiple children in one family choose different options? Yes
    • Is the digital learning experience flexible with the in the in-class experience? Yes
    • If you select in-person to start - can you change to DBDL after? Yes
    • Are students interacting with each other in the Digital Learning plan? Yes

    Student Schedule:

    • If my child does DBDL how will she move from class to class? The student schedule will replicate the building schedule.
    • How will specials work? Gym, Music, Choirs, Art? Specials will be taught in both a synchronous and asynchronous format.
    • Can you do DB digital in any Phase and if your child is sick, etc.? Yes
    • For a working parent is there a way we can do schoolwork with our students in the evening? Yes, lessons will be posted.


    • For DB Digital Learning, will Textbooks and iPads be available prior to first day? Yes, a material pickup date will be established.
    • Will all students receive iPads even if they choose full digital? Yes
    • How will virtual students receive schedules? Families will be notified by building administration.


    • If a child at home has a question re: Will it be answered live? Yes
    • How much notice is needed to transition from the DB Digital Learning to in school learning? The transition will occur as quickly as feasible.
    • To clarify, will DBDL be asynchronous, primarily, or synchronous? DBDL will be taught synchronously with asynchronous lesson postings.
    • Where will parents be able to access the assignments due so that we can support progress? Parents will access via Schoology or Google Classroom. There will be a consistent process to better serve families.
    • Is the DB Digital Academy something that all students can do anytime this year...whether we are in green, yellow, or red? Yes
    • How do I go about signing my child up for BVA? Contact the building assigned school counselor.
    • How do I go about signing my child up for DBDL? Complete the enrollment form on the district website.

    Special Education Related Questions:

    • If we do virtual how will IEPs be handled? The case manager will schedule the meetings.
    • What about your IEP kids? How are they supported? The support will be provided by the special education teachers, regular education teachers, instructional assistants and related service providers.
    • Will kids with special needs that had an AIDE last year will continue to have an AIDE through this new year? And therapies like speech, occupational and physical? All related services and SDI will continue to be in place.
    • When would IEP students do their learning during the day? Yes
    • I may have missed this, but I want to make sure...What about children with IEP's? Programs and services will continue to be offered.
    • My child has IEP and would have blocks for extra assistance, would that time be in Flex and Prep areas for assistance with his IEP teacher? Yes
    • Will IEP classes be live just like the classrooms? Yes
    • Will my student lose any IEP services with the Virtual option? No
    • Will IEP students still have speech and special reading classes? Yes
    • I have a child in IEP but i choose to do virtual schooling. I don’t want my kids in school till it gets better I hear what u are saying so how would this be addresses over phone on a zoom or? The platform will be accessed via the IPAD or computer.
    • If we chose DB digital learning or BVA will IEP services be provided digitally even if in green? This will be decided by the IEP team.
    • The answer for the IEP did not address the Academy learning. Will there be support through the Academy that will follow a child's IEP? Yes