• Our Department of Community Relations & Equity Awareness continues to be committed to establishing and maintaining a positive culture, while providing differentiated services to all students, staff and families within our community and beyond.  To increase awareness for growth opportunities, we will be hosting an Equity Roundtable.  An open mind and open heart will lead to unity throughout our district and community.     


    Below is information regarding the Equity Roundtable.   


    When:  Monday November 23, 2020


    Who:  Daniel Boone school district students, staff, families and community members.  


    Zoom Linkhttps://dboone.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJMpdO-tqzssE9z6fMDsQv9EpD0vg0sr7LkR

    • Registration required


    Meeting Topic:  Equity Awareness.  Equity In Our Community


    Meeting Description: 


    This meeting is designed to provide all Daniel Boone stakeholders with an open discussion about equity awareness.  During this time, we will touch base on this topic, along with other relevant topics.  This will be a healthy and organized discussion to gain insight to the growth opportunities within the district.  Please register with the zoom link above to join this discussion on equity awareness.