Study Skills/ Homework Completion

  • We are pleased to offer parents and students convenient 24/7 access to important student progress information.  You can access this information by clicking on Infinite Campus or Schoology.  Infinite Campus provides you with up to date information on current student progress and grades.  Schoology provides you with homework assigned by teachers and other important information teachers wish to share with you.

    • You can check your child's grades online by going to the Daniel Boone website at, click on the online grade book, campus student or campus parent, then log in.  If you are having trouble logging on, please submit a ticket to the technology department.   
    • You can check your child's homework by logging onto Schoology, also accessible through the Daniel Boone website, listed above. If you are having trouble accessing Schoology, you may submit a ticket through the technology department

    Some study skill habits your child can use:

    • Record assignments by either writing them down in an agenda or using an electronic calendar/notes - organization is the key to success
    • Set homework time each day and turn off all electronic devices while completing homework
    • Review class notes 10-15 minutes each night
    • Have a parent or sibling quiz student on material for upcoming tests/quizzes
    • Use flashcards for key terms and definitions
    • Record notes into a device and playback to listen to the information

    If your child continues to struggle on tests/quizzes, homework completion, and organization contact your child's school counselor for assistance

    Some online resources for study help are below: