• It is important for your child to know that not everyone who is online is a “friend”.  Regularly talk to your children about using digital devices wisley.  Develop a safe technology plan with your child:

    • How to create appropriate posts for social networking sites.
    • On social media, only “friend” people you have met in person.
    • How to handle cyberbullying or inappropriate texting.
    • What to do when they see inappropriate behavior or images.
    • What information is or is not appropriate to share online.
      • Remind your child that words and pictures posted online can last forever.
      • What is posted by your child is how they are seen in the world, not just now, but when they are an adult looking for a job.
    • Why parents need to set safety standards and access digital devices.
      • Netfilters can be useful, but remember older children can often find ways around them.

    Consider some of the following standards for the family, and set guidelines together. Have a discussion with your children about:

    • Limiting internet access.
    • Limiting online contacts to family and close friends (people they have met in person).
    • Establishing times and time limits for technology use. There are apps for this!
    • Setting a regular time each day when the family “unplugs”.
    • Establishing technology-free zones in certain areas of the home.
    • Setting up a family recharging station where children plug in digital devices each night at bedtime.
    • Blocking inappropriate or unsafe applications. There are apps for this!
    • Following each other on social media platforms.


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