• At the end of each school year, iPads are collected from our graduating seniors, as well as our eighth-grade students who are moving on to high school (depending on summer maintenance needs, additional grades may also have their iPads collected). 

    Collection dates are communicated by each school, typically in May. On your collection date, we will collect iPads, charging bricks, charging cables, and iPad cases.  Damaged or missing equipment will be assessed at the time of return and any charges must be paid.  Damages to the iPad, charging brick/cable, and/or case (cracked screen, etc.) will be assessed on an individual basis.  Items not turned in will be placed on the obligation list and payment will need to be collected.

    To prepare for your iPad collection date, please confirm the following device-related items:


    • iPad - Your device must power on. The screen must be free of cracks and chips, and usable. If the screen has pieces missing or cracks, the device does not power on, or other types of damage are noted, fees will be accessed based on the individual circumstances.
    • iPad Case - Your case must be returned in usable condition (no tears, missing pieces, or other damage that would prevent its use by other students). The case must be free of stickers and should have any permanent marks (pens, markers, etc.)
    • Charging Block - Your white 12W charging block must be returned and free of visible damage or marks.
    • Charging Cable - Your white one (1) meter USB to Lightning charging cable must be returned with no exposed wire, or damage to the plastic ends. No marks should be visible on the cord.


For Students in Grades 8

  • You will be issued a different iPad for your high school career. Data on your current iPad can be restored to the iPad you are issued at the high school. To ensure you have this option, confirm the following:

    • Tap on the Settings app on your iPad.
    • Ensure your name appears on the main settings screen and your device is signed into your MyBoone student account. 
    • Tap on iCloud.
    • Scroll down the list of iCloud services and locate the iCloud Backup option. Tap on it. 
    • The last date your iPad was backed up to iCloud will be visible. Prior to your iPad collection date, manually tap “Backup Now” to ensure you have a recent backup in iCloud. Do not wait until immediately before your collection time. Backups could take up to or over an hour depending on the last backup date. 

For Graduating Seniors

  • Students have had access to many technology systems throughout their Daniel Boone Area School District career.  Seniors will lose access to all DBoone systems on July 31.  Please follow the instructions below to ensure that content is transferred and backed up.

    • All photos on your device should be transferred to your Google Drive. 
    • Any Notability notes you wish to retain should be exported as a PDF to your Google Drive. 
    • Any other files you wish to retain should be transferred to your Google Drive. 

    Transferring your MyBoone G-Suite account to a personal account: 

    • Google Takeout is Google’s tool to move your data (including Mail, Calendar, Drive, Photos, Youtube, and more) from one account to another. 
    • Do not download your archives on public computers or upload them where others can see them.  Best practice is to follow these steps on a personal or home computer. 
    • Graduating Seniors have until July 31 to archive DBoone G-Suite Data.  After that date, your account will be inactivated and you will not be able to access it. 
    • Google Takeout will be available beginning in late May.

    Google Takeout Directions for Seniors:

    1. Navigate to Google Takeout.
    2. Log into your MyBoone G-Suite account.
    3. Once logged in check that your DBoone e-mail address is listed in the upper right corner of the window and you are properly logged into your MyBoone Google Account.  
    4. Select the Google Products you wish to backup – at the minimum, you should backup Drive.
    5. Click Next.
    6. Set File Type to .zip and set Delivery Method to Send download link via email.
    7. Click Create Archive.
    8. The archive process will begin.  You can stay on this screen until the archive is complete and then download the resulting file, or you can move on to other work and wait for the email that will arrive indicating the archive is ready.
    9. Download the archive file (.zip).
    10. You can unzip this file onto your computer or upload to your personal Google account.


    Your MyBoone Google Account and your MyBoone Google EMail account are for DBoone students only, so your access to them will officially end upon graduation. As a courtesy, the District gives you a one-month grace period to complete the backup process, but you should assume that these accounts will no longer exist after July 31. Congratulations to the class of 2023, and best of luck in all of your future endeavors!