• Daniel Boone Area School District utilizes many proactive tools and measures in our pursuit of safe and responsible device usage. In addition to these measures, we understand some families may wish to have additional control of device usage at home. To assist with this need, the District is pleased to provide Jamf Parent. Jamf Parent app empowers parents to manage their children's school-issued devices. Through an intuitive interface, parents can set time limits or restrict devices to specific apps.

    Configuring Jamf Parent

    1. Download Jamf Parent from the App Store.
      Available on the iOS App Store            Available on the Google play Store
    2. On your child’s school-issued device, tap the Self Service app icon.
    3. Tap the Jamf Parent icon in the top-right corner. This should open a screen with a QR code.
    4. Open the Jamf Parent app on your device.
    5. Tap Get Started.
    6. Tap Scan QR Code. The first time you use Jamf Parent, you must allow Jamf Parent to access the camera to scan QR codes. 
    7. Using Jamf Parent, scan the QR code on your child’s device.
    8. When prompted, tap Confirm.
    9. Repeat steps 2 through 8 to add more children’s devices.


Parent Guide

  • Allowing and Restricting Apps

    Jamf Parent allows you to choose which apps your child can use on their school-issued device. You can allow and restrict apps on your child's device by tapping the child device you want to restrict, and then tapping or clicking the Restrictions tab. You can either restrict apps by category, such as social media or games, or specific apps, such as Safari or Messages. To restrict apps by category, use the toggles under Allowed App Categories (mobile device app) or App Blocker (web application) to allow or restrict certain app categories.

    To restrict specific apps, tap Restrict Device Functionality (mobile device app) or under Device Functionality (web application) use the toggle next to each app to allow or restrict certain apps.

    Enabling App Lock

    You can use App Lock to set a timer for app restrictions. While your child's device is in App Lock, they will only be able to use the apps you allow during the specified time period. If you only allow one app, that app launches on your child's device and they cannot exit the app until the App Lock timer expires. You cannot use App Lock on the Apple Watch app.

    When using the Jamf Parent mobile device app, you can enable App Lock by doing the following:

    1. From the dashboard, tap the child device you want to restrict.

    2. Tap the Restrictions tab.

    3. Tap Enable App Lock, and then set the timer and tap the apps you want your child to have access to.


    Removing a Child's Device from Jamf Parent

    By removing your child's device from Jamf Parent, you will no longer be able to manage their school-issued device. You must remove a child's device from your iPhone before it will be removed from the Apple Watch app. To remove a child's device from Jamf Parent, tap or click the Settings icon in the top-right corner of the screen and tap or click Remove under Account. Tap or click Yes to confirm.