• The Daniel Boone Middle School is implementing our second annual school-wide Whole School Read literacy initiative during the month of May. The purpose of our Whole School Read is to emphasize the importance of literacy and to increase student achievement by building a community of readers. Through a generous donation from our district PTC, as well as donations from the Yearbook and Boone Tribune middle school clubs, we have been able to purchase books for the entire faculty, staff, and students! The book we have chosen to read this year is Ugly, by Robert Hoge, which is a memoir based on the true story of Robert’s life as he shares how he learned to accept his disability and provide inspiration for others. The topics that are addressed in this book deal with self-esteem as well as the issues of bullying, which connects to our OLWEUS anti-bullying program. After reading the book, which will take about three weeks, students will participate in an end-of-year celebration during the last two half days of school, which will include a school-wide assembly, games and food, and other activities that will help bring the students together to celebrate their diversity as well as the lessons they have learned from the combined programs.

    We have provided the reading schedule as well as a faculty created audiobook for students to access from home in case they are absent on the day we are reading.
    Please join us in reading this inspirational book ~Thank you, and happy reading!