• Shining star pin with a blue star and the words shining star wrapping around the base of it. The Blazer Learning Community Shining Stars program seeks to recognize staff members who exemplify what it means to be a Blazer. 

    Nomination Criteria:

    • Teammate demonstrates punctuality and professionalism
    • Teammate frequently contributes to the Blazer Learning Community
    • Teammate exhibits consistent resiliency through developing, maintaining, and facilitating meaningful & appropriate relationships when working with ALL stakeholders
    • Teammate’s participation reflects above and beyond the defined boundaries of assigned duties and responsibilities, readily advocating for self and others
    • Teammate demonstrates effective communication and outreach across all settings

    Nomination Process:

    • Complete a Blazer Learning Community Shining Stars Nomination Form located below. 
    • The completed form will be reviewed by your building principal or office/department administrator.  
    • Building principal – office/department administrator will review the completed form for accuracy prior to submitting the nomination to the office of the Superintendent of Schools. 

    Successfully nominated Shining Stars will receive a letter of recognition and Shining Star lapel pin which will be delivered in person by the Superintendent of Schools. You can find a list in the table below of our Shining Stars. Individuals nominated more than once have an asterisk (*) placed after their names for each nomination.

    For students and employees: Blazer Learning Community Shining Stars Online Nomination Form