• Daniel Boone Area Middle School presents...

    Into the Woods Jr.

    Into the Woods Jr logo

    Thursday, March 26 through Sunday, March 29, 2020

    **Ticket sales are temporarily suspended until final decisions are made regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus) measures**

White Cast

  • Thursday, March 26th @ 7:00 PM

    Saturday, March 28th @ 7:00 PM

Blue Cast

  • Friday, March 27th @ 7:00 PM

    Sunday, March 29th @ 2:00 PM

White/Blue Cast (All Nights)


  • Callista Basile, Meadow Fleckenstein, Mick Andrew Sharp, Samantha Schlauch, Phoebe Dougherty, Ava Rodney, Madelein Scherzer, Taylor Morba, Ava Simmons, Maryelle Kurtz, Melissa Stoudt, Payton Dougherty