Department Overview

    Department overview including admin, teachers, counselors, support staff, students and families Students smiling in the high school stadium

Positive Things Happening: Student & Staff Recognition

  • Blazer Learning Community: Please take some time and recognizes a student or staff member for their positive efforts within our Blazer Community. To submit a recognition, please click here (please note: this form is only available to DBoone employees and students).   

Community Relations

  • Our Community Relations department manages the communication of important information, positive things happening with students/staff, and social media content for the Daniel Boone Area School District.  Along with the Superintendent’s Office, our department serves as the official voice for DBASD.    

Equity Awareness

  • Equity: The quality of being fair and impartial

    Equity in Education:  Measures of achievement, fairness, and opportunity in education.

     Our Equity Awareness department is committed to developing the skills needed to establish equity for all students and staff in the Daniel Boone Area School District.  Administrators, certified and support staff will be engaged in professional learning experiences to meet the needs of our students, in collaboration with our MTSS model.  Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programs will support the development/inclusion of all students within the DBASD.

    Positive culture, building open hearts and minds, positive things happening

    Mutual Learning Mindsets = Positive Outcomes