• Ms. Kathlene Haines
    Chief Financial Officer

    Email: kathlene.haines@dboone.org

    LinkedIn: Ms. Haines' Professional Background

    Mr. Christian Lellig
    Business Manager/Incoming Chief Financial Officer

    Email: christian.lellig@dboone.org

    Ms. Michelle Zipay
    Administrative Assistant

    Email: michelle.zipay@dboone.org

    Phone: 610.582.6140 x1137

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  • The DBASD Business Office is located in the main district administrative offices. The department is responsible for handling all financial transactions for the District including purchasing, accounts payable, investment management and payroll. The Business Office also manages or coordinates employee benefits, asset accounting, transportation and tax collection services.

    The District’s fiscal year runs from July 1 through June 30. Each year the Board of Directors and District Administration develop and pass a budget on or prior to June 30th.

    The District is subject to a financial audit by an independent CPA firm each year. This independent audit verifies the District’s compliance with all applicable laws and regulations governing school districts as well as identifies the financial health of the school district.

    In addition to the yearly local independent audit, we are subject to a state audit every two years. The state audit also reviews our operational and financial compliance with applicable laws and regulations. This process provides yet another level of oversight and compliance monitoring.

    Daniel Boone Area School District has continually strived for both financial and operational success. Our most recent and past audits reflect this attainment of financial and operational benchmarks.