• What is the Freshman Leadership Network? 

    The program is designed to support the needs of our newest students as they transition into the high school environment.  Students will meet in groups with a faculty mentor and cover topics such as student involvement, discipline, study habits, career planning, and empathy.  In addition to that, Upper-Class student mentors will also provide support and work with the freshmen to help in the transition process. 

    ipen logo Working in partnership with the International Positive Education Network (IPEN) to provide activities and experiences not only grounded in academics but also in social-emotional learning; our transition program is integrated into each rising freshman’s schedule.  This program is a daily scheduled period for Freshmen and involves a variety of activities and some flex time for them built into the 6-day cycle of the high school calendar.  The goal is to integrate freshmen to high school and offer support and encouragement to promote success.  

    Our faculty, guidance staff, and administrators look forward to implementing this program and appreciate your feedback as well.

     Program Goals: (2020-2021): GROWTH

    • To ensure that all freshmen are integrated successfully into the Daniel Boone family.
    • To providing ongoing, multi-tiered support and help for the freshmen.
    • To model and assist freshmen in their development of good study and work habits.
    • To provide social, emotional, and academic lessons and topics for freshmen to gain social-emotional, and 21st-century learning skills.
    • Implementation and expansion of the SEL curriculum and mentoring programs.
    • Career and industry exposure through speakers, trips, and activities to promote college and career readiness.

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