Student Assistance Program

  • The Elementary Student Assistance Program (ESAP) is a multidisciplinary school-based program for identifying students who are experiencing behavior and/or academic difficulties which may pose a barrier to their learning and academic success in school. ESAP offers support to those students and their families. The core of the Elementary Student Assistance Program is a team of faculty members who have received specialized training from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Approved ESAP Training program and other related continuing education. One of the most important tasks of a student assistance team is to build a partnership with families, focusing on the student’s success as their common goal. Participation in the Elementary Student Assistance Process is voluntary. The ESAP team information is completely confidential and the team will respect you and your child’s privacy at all times. The ESAP team members do not diagnose or treat conditions. Only a qualified practitioner can do this.


    Referral Procedure:

    A student is referred to ESAP via a teacher or parent/guardian. A parent/guardian may refer to the homeroom teacher. A call is then placed to the parent / guardian explaining the ESAP team/process. A letter is sent home to obtain written permission. ESAP Team meets twice a month to discuss interventions/services plans for referred students.


    Support Group for Students:

    The Elementary Student Assistance Program (ESAP/BRIGHT - Boone Referral, Intervention, and Guidance for a Healthier Tomorrow) Team offers 6-8 week school-based psycho-educational support groups for students. The groups are facilitated by a member of our team, the Student Assistance Specialist from Caron Treatment Centers.


    Please contact your child's school counselor for more information.