• What is the SAP Team?

    The SAP Team is a program whose purpose is to identify students who are having social, emotional, and/or personal problems that pose a barrier to a student’s success. It is the SAP Team’s mission to help students overcome these barriers in order that they may achieve, remain in school, and advance.

    The SAP Team is an intervention, not a treatment program. The team provides the student and his or her family with information and resources to help the student understand and resolve the problem.

    The SAP Team is comprised of teachers, administrators, counselors, and the school nurse. SAP Team members have undergone special training to assist these students.

    Student Assistance Programs are similar in concept to Employee Assistance Programs, which have been in operation for years in business and industry. Section 1547 of the PA School Code enacted as Act 211 of 1990 requires school districts to implement Student Assistance programs. The SAP Team is an outgrowth of the statewide Student Assistance Programs.

    Why are student assistance programs important?

    The primary responsibility of the school is to educate students. When there is a barrier to learning a student has a difficult time learning. School is the only institution through which all students must pass, therefore the school staff has the opportunity to observe and identify students who might be dealing with these issues. Also, the SAP Team serves as a resource for school staff and students.

    What is the SAP Team’s relationship with local community agencies?

    There is a link between the SAP Team and local agencies within the community. These agencies provide assessments, counselors, and treatment for students. The Council on Chemical Abuse (COCA), the Caron Foundation, the Reading Hospital, Service Access Management (SAM), and the Justice Works Program are examples of community agencies. Through its relationship with community resources, the SAP Team will be able to connect students and their families to assessments and treatment programs.

    How does a student come to the attention of the SAP Team?

    A student may be referred to the SAP Team in several ways. The student himself may seek help from the SAP Team. Family, friends, school staff or any concerned person may indicate to the team that a problem may exist. Referral information is available in the guidance office.

    When a student comes to the attention of the SAP Team, the team will gather information to determine the extent of the problem. Parental contact will be made whenever appropriate by the student’s guidance counselor or the appropriate administrator to discuss concerns.

    All referrals and other student data collected by the SAP Team will be kept in strict confidence. Appropriate community-based agencies may also be consulted.

    Who should I contact for additional program information and resources?

    Persons who desire more information about the SAP Team should contact their high school guidance counselor at 610.582.6100. The student’s guidance counselor will respond as quickly as possible.