• Ms. Shelly Mieczkowski

    Director of Special Education

    Email: shelly.mieczkowski@dboone.org

    Ms. Lisa Thompson

    Administrative Assistant

    Email: lisa.thompson@dboone.org

    Phone: 610.582.6140 x1167

    Ms. Michelle Maynard

    IEP Facilitator

    Email: michelle.maynard@dboone.org

    Phone: 610.582.6140 x1498

    Ms. Christin Bagenstose

    Learning Coach

    Email: christin.bagenstose@dboone.org

    Phone: 610.582.6140 x1168


  • The Daniel Boone Area School District Special Education Department is pleased to offer the following services to our students:

    Special Education Classes

    • Autistic Support
    • Emotional Support
    • Learning Support
    • Life Skills Support
    • Speech and Language Support