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Congratulations to our High School School TSA Team!

Congratulations to our HS TSA Team! Over 8,500 people from all over the United States, Germany and Turkey converged on the Inner Harbor for the Technology Student Association National Competition. Among those, were Boone High School’s own Alex Worrall, Breana McNamara, Zoe Sweet, Kayla Vitabile, James Shanley, Amy Schafer, Brianna Le, and David Kim.

Hallways were filled with robots, solar cars, video production, balsa planes, and creative designers as students presented their creations over five days worth of competitive events. The eight students from Boone were busy competing in 46 total events, 19 of which were unique events. In the end, CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) Freshmen Kayla Vitabile, James Shanley, Amy Schafer, and David Kim placed in the top twelve in the nation. Freshman Kayla Vitabile obtained eighth in the Nation for Transportation Modeling. Seniors Alex Worrall and Breana McNamara finished Second Place in the Nation for Forensics. 

A special thank you to the parents of these students for their encouragement and to teachers, administration and school board for continuing to support these endeavors. Advisor Wendy Sweet stated, "I can not express how proud I am of Boone for continuing to allow these competitive activities for students to engage and explore future career opportunities". Students were able to meet with CompTIA, a national certification organization, ITEEA,, AEOP, and many other engineering and computer-based companies in engaging sessions to better understand what careers might best suit them.