This past weekend, the High School and Middle School Technology Student Associations returned to the PA-TSA State Conference. Our students competed against over 2,300 other students from over 150 chapters. As always, our students performed incredibly well and represented the Blazer Nation in impressive fashion. Please read on below for the results shared by Mrs. Sweet, HS TSA Advisor, and Mrs. Hallman, MS TSA Advisor.

---- HIGH SCHOOL ----

Morgan Carothers placed 6th for Biotechnology Design and 9th for Fashion Design and Technology as well as having competed in Architectural Design and PA Logo Design.

Breana McNamara placed 3rd for Future Technology Teacher and 10th for BioTechnology Design while also competing in Prepared Presentation, and Chapter Team Written. She also was recognized for her work on both the National Service Project Committee and the Membership Committee. Breana's win qualifies her for the National Competition in Atlanta in June.

Maddy Okkerse placed 5th in Future Technology Teacher and 10th for Biotechnology Design. She competed in Chapter Team Written Test and Webmaster all while having been the PA TSA State Secretary and chair of the Corporate Outreach Committee.

Emily Olafson placed 5th for PA logo design while competing in Debating Technological Issues, Children's Stories, and Photographic Technology.

Tori Pastor placed 6th for Biotechnology Design and 9th for Fashion Design and Technology competing also in Architectural Design and PA Safety Illustration.

Ally Santos placed 6th for Biotechnology Design and 9th for Fashion Design and Technology. She placed 9th for Essays on Technology, while also competing in Architectural Design.

Zoe Sweet qualified in the top 12 for Stem Career while also competing in Children's Stories, Debating Technological Issues, Essays on Technology and Future Technology Teacher. She received recognition from the Corporate Outreach Committee, Membership Committee and Conference Sessions and Activities Committee.


Bio technology design
5th place - Alana Darrah and Mia Pizzo

CAD foundations
2nd place - Kayla Vitabile

Career Prep
2nd place - Renée Camburn

PA calculator robots
3rd place - Alana Darrah and Logan Herndon
4th place - Evan Gutherie and Cooper Biskup

Challenging Technology Issues
5th place - Alivia Humphries and Renée Camburn
6th place - Rebecca Peifer and Samantha Chieffo

Children’s Stories
2nd place - Lauren Michael, Natalie Brown and Mia Pizzo

Construction Challenge
4th place - Kaitlynn Gershen, Stephanie Le, Rithu Subbiah and Cali Worrall

Digital Photography
1st place - Alexandria Lavenia

PA Digital Video Challenge
7th place - Amy Schafer and Sarah Wedemeyer

4th place - David Kim

Forensic Technology
5th place - Katie Shank and Amy Schafer
9th place - Alexandria Lavenia and Jessica Newland

Junior Solar Sprint
8th place - Cali Worrall, Stefanie Le, Ashleigh Hoover, and Tommy Bell
10th place - Alexia Cappelletti, Samantha Chieffo, Sydni Chieffo, and Emerson Weaver

Leadership Strategies
7th place - Andrew Bermender, Natalie Brown, and Lauren Michaels

PA Logo Design
1st place - Alexia Cappelletti
2nd place - Alexandria Lavenia

Mass Production
8th place - Kayla Vitabile, Alivia Humphries, Jessica Newland, Alexandria Lavenia and Jamie Sazarawara
10th place - Tommy Bell, Rithu Subbiah, Katilynn Gershen, Stefanie Le, Cali Worrall and Tessa Morton

Mechanical Engineering
8th place - Kayla Vitabile, Jamie Szarawara and Alana Darrah

Medical technology issues
5th place - Natalie Brown and Lauren Michaels
9th place - Alana Darrah and Mia Pizzo

PA Material Processes
4th place - Alexia Cappelletti

Off the Grid
4th place - Katilynn Gershen, Tommy Bell, Evan Guthrie and Anthony Bolling

Promotional Marketing
2nd place - Alexia Cappelletti

PA RC off-road racing
7th place - Nick Fiorani, John Demers, and Logan Herndon

PA safety illustration
2nd place - John Demers

Technical Design
3rd place - Andrew Bermender and Kayla Vitabile
10th place - Natalie Alexander and Sarah Soriano

Website Design
3rd place - Emerson Weaver and Sydni Chieffo
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