The Daniel Boone Area School District (DBASD) is committed to the safety and well-being of our students and educators. We believe this commitment includes the implementation of programs that involve parents, teachers, support staff, administrators, local law enforcement, mental health & wellness professionals, and elected officials to take meaningful action to protect our students, staff, and community.

As part of that effort, the DBASD is joining districts across the Commonwealth in rolling out the Safe2Say Something (S2SS) program. Recently mandated by Pennsylvania State law, S2SS is an anonymous reporting system designed to help students and staff recognize the warning signs and signals (especially on social media) of individuals who may be a threat to themselves or others. The S2SS program trains secondary students and school staff members to treat every warning sign seriously and to act quickly to get help by talking to a trusted adult and/or by reporting it anonymously via phone, mobile app, or website to the Pennsylvania S2SS Crisis Center. District staff members have been trained to respond to and manage tips that are submitted in coordination with state and local law enforcement officials.

Safe2Say Logo

S2SS is based on a three-step system:

  • An Anonymous tip is submitted via one of the following options:

    • Website:

    • Tip-line: 1-844-SAF2SAY

    • Mobile App for Apple and Android Devices

  • All calls and tips are received by the 24/7 S2SS Crisis Center

    • A S2SS Crisis Center analyst receives and reviews tip

    • The tip is triaged and categorized as either life safety or non-life safety.

    • The tip is then sent to school officials and law enforcement (as needed) via text, email, and/or phone

  • School officials and law enforcement intervene and/or offer assistance.

    • School officials and law enforcement (as needed) investigate, assess, and intervene with reported at-risk individuals.

    • School officials report their outcomes into the Safe2Say Something platform and close out the tip, ensuring accountability for every tip submitted.

The S2SS program and curriculum is funded and managed by the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office through a partnership with Sandy Hook Promise, a national non-profit organization working to improve school safety. The curriculum is designed to be age-appropriate and research-based.

If you have questions or concerns about S2SS, please contact Gregory Miller or any member of our Safe2Say Something Crisis Team at 610.582.6140.

  • Mr. Thomas Voelker, Superintendent of Schools

  • Rob Hurley, Assistant to the Superintendent

  • Jeffrey Reichart, District Security Supervisor

  • Scott Matz, Director of Technology

  • Jay Withers, Director of Facilities and Transportation

  • Aaron Sborz, High School Principal

  • James Towers, Middle School Principal

  • Chris Becker, Intermediate Center Principal

  • Melanie Hefter, Primary Center Principal