Stadium Access

The Daniel Boone Area School District has extended the use of our track facilities to residents of the community.  The procedures and application form to gain access is listed below.

A track usage pass may be obtained for $20 upon completion of the application form.  You will then receive a fob that will allow access to the track facility.  Access is for one year. 

The track facility shall be available to residents of the Daniel Boone Area School District from dawn to dusk.

Facilities are not available when school is in session (Monday - Friday from 7:35 am to 2:25 pm), when school activities are scheduled or when an event is scheduled in the stadium.

The schedule of events in the stadium is a constantly changing schedule with factors such as the weather creating last minute scheduling changes constantly.  The District's website is the best source for determining availability.  You can access the Athletic Schedule by following this link: Daniel Boone Athletics Calendar of Events

Applications should be mailed or presented to:

Daniel Boone Athletic Department

501 Chestnut Street

Birdsboro, PA  19508