Tax Procedures

As of July 1, 2021, Daniel Boone Area School District has partnered with Keystone Collection Group for tax collection processing. Any tax-related questions must be addressed by contacting Keystone Collections Group at 724.978.0300 or

Exoneration For Per Capita Tax

A Per Capita tax is a flat-rate tax levied upon each adult within the taxing district. The tax has no connection with employment, income, voting rights, or any other factor except residence within the district.

The School Board shall at times make exoneration for per capita tax payments. Requests are based on the criteria below.

  • A person who has an annual income of less than $5,000 or $10,000 for married couples

  • A resident on active duty in the armed services outside the district any part of the year, except those attending reserve training camps

  • A person who has moved from the district prior to July 1 of the year of tax in question

  • A person who has paid elsewhere and can produce a tax receipt for verification of said tax payments

  • Individuals who are permanently impaired by reason of physical illness, physical disability, mental illness, mental deficiency, or other unusual circumstances may be given special consideration by the Board

  • A full-time student who is 18 years of age or older

Please contact Keystone Collections Group at 724.978.0300 or regarding exoneration requests. 

What to do if you receive a Real Estate Tax Bill, Per Capita Tax Bill, or Reminder Notice and the bill has been paid.

Please contact Keystone Collections Group at 724.978.0300 or with any questions or concerns. 

Homestead/Farmstead Applications

The Homestead/Farmstead application is a requirement of the Tax Relief Act (Act 1).

The application is processed and approved by the Assessment Office. Once an application is approved as a homestead/farmstead the owner is eligible for the tax relief and will not have to file again unless circumstances change regarding the property. Each year prior to December 31, individuals who do not have an approved application on file, as well as those who have acquired property within the school district during the year, will be sent an application for completion. Forms can also be obtained by calling 610.582.6140, ext. 1164. This application MUST be filed with the Assessment Office by March 1.

It is very important that eligible taxpayers complete this form by March 1. If the filing deadline is missed, the taxpayer will not be eligible for any tax relief which would occur with the school tax bill mailed on July 1 of that year.

Any questions regarding whether your property has or is approved can be addressed by contacting the Berks County Homestead Office at 610.478.6262.

Interim Tax Bills

Interim tax bills are issued on a quarterly basis to those taxpayers who received an assessment increase or have moved into a new home and have received their final assessment. Interim bills are based on the difference between the old and new assessments.

If you use a mortgage service, contact them prior to forwarding the bill to them to ensure they pay interim bills.

Requesting a Tax Certification

To request a tax certification, please contact Keystone Collections Group at or Keystone Collections Group, PO Box 514, Irwin, PA 15642.  A separate $25.00 tax certification fee payable to Keystone applies.

If you also need prior-year tax certification, through 2025, please contact the Daniel Boone Area School District Administrative Office. After 2025, Keystone Collections Group will provide complete tax certification. Please send tax certification requests, along with a $25.00 tax certification fee, to:

Daniel Boone Area School District
Attention: Tax Certification
501 Chestnut Street
Birdsboro, PA 19508

Delinquent real estate taxes are collected by Portnoff Law Associates, 866.211.9466.