Volunteer Information

We greatly appreciate all of our volunteers/chaperones who provide much-needed assistance to students and teachers in so many ways, from attending school field trips to musical competitions. Volunteers/chaperones provide countless hours of support to our District, dedicated to being a part of the scholastic world of our students. We value our relationship with parents and the larger community and welcome the opportunity for community members to offer their valuable time to support the mission of our District.

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Compliance with Drug/Substance Abuse and Tobacco Use Policies

The Daniel Boone Area School District works to maintain a safe and drug-free school campus. The District prohibits the use of controlled substances and tobacco on school property. The Board prohibits the use, possession, distribution, and being under the influence of any controlled substances during school hours, at any time while on school property, at any school-sponsored activity, and during the time spent traveling to and from school and school-sponsored activities.

Act 191 of the Pennsylvania Legislature of 1988 24P.S.5-527 requires that any employee of the District who is convicted of the delivery of a controlled substance or convicted of the possession of a controlled substance with the intent to deliver shall be terminated from his or her employment with the district – regardless of where the violation occurred. The same policy applies to volunteers/chaperones.

The Daniel Boone Area District is dedicated to providing a healthy, comfortable, and productive environment for staff, students, and visitors. Because the Board is concerned about the health of its employees and because it recognizes the importance of adult role-modeling for students during the formative years, a tobacco-free environment is enforced. The Board prohibits tobacco use by employees in a school building and on any property, buses, vans, and vehicles that are owned, leased, or controlled by the school district. The Board prohibits tobacco use by employees at school-sponsored activities that are held off school property.

The volunteer/chaperone position is a privilege and not a right. Any volunteer/chaperone position may be eliminated at any time for any reason. Furthermore, any volunteer/chaperone may be removed from a volunteer/chaperone position for any reason.


Pursuant to School District Policy #229, #238, #324, #339, #428, #432, #521, and #527, the Board of School Directors of the Daniel Boone Area School District expressly prohibits all forms of bullying and unlawful discrimination of students and staff, including harassment, based on race, color, national origin, sex, and disability.

Under the aforementioned policies, students, staff and all individuals who serve in the capacity of a volunteer are responsible for respecting the rights of others and for ensuring and maintaining an atmosphere free from all forms of bullying, harassment and discrimination. Accordingly, it is the expectation of the Board of School Directors that all students who have been bullied or harassed will promptly report such incidents to their Building Principal or Guidance Counselor. Staff or volunteers who have been bullied or harassed will promptly report such incidents to their immediate Administrative Supervisor.

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