All Hazards Plan

Daniel Boone Area School District has developed an All Hazards Plan which provides information on various emergency procedures including accidents, bomb threats, evacuation, explosion, fire, hazardous materials, natural disasters, radiological, and security situations. The plan and practices are developed and refined using the expertise of local and regional emergency personnel, as well as information from government sources.

The All Hazards Plan is distributed to district administrators and school principals who in turn develop site plans specific to their buildings. School staff is given a staff emergency procedures binder to use in the event of an emergency. One of the key features of the All Hazards Plan is the checklist at the beginning of each section. These checklists enable the staff person in charge during an emergency to know exactly what to do, who to call and how to react. Routine updates to the plan are made as the district experiences emergencies or conducts routine drills. After the event of 9/11 a threat assessment component was added utilizing the FBI/Selective Service guidelines.

Because of the district’s nearness to the Limerick Generating Station, our district is included in the biennial (every two years) radiological emergency drills conducted by Federal, Pennsylvania and County Emergency Management teams. Different school buildings and staff are chosen every two years along with the Administration building staff for this drill. The drill event is monitored by PEMA and FEMA evaluators.

The district is confident in the quality and detail of our plan and in the way it has worked in practice and emergency situations. We will continue to evaluate, in conjunction with emergency agencies (i.e. police, fire, PEMA), our procedures and practices, making those changes necessary to continually improve our All Hazards Plan.