Winter Weather Information

An explanation of the decision making process...

An explanation of snow days VS virtual learning days...

Decision Making Process

Maintaining student and staff safety will always remain priority number one. In times of inclement weather, or other emergency, we will adhere to the following procedures:

  1. Gather Information

  2. Review of the Situation

  3. Discuss Options Available

  4. Communicate the Decision

Please know, this decision is not made easily. For each weather event, we consider the following:

  • Amount of snow/ice

  • Timing of precipitation

  • Road conditions across the district (keeping in mind our high school drivers)

  • Temperature (& wind chill)

  • Building conditions

In an effort to provide a deeper insight into this process, additional information is provided below (corresponding to the four categories listed above).

1. Gather Information

The district primarily utilizes the following resources:

Additionally, the Berks County Superintendents collaborate with one another, working to make sure nothing is overlooked (i.e. - BCTC, non-public schools, etc.)

2. Review of the Situation

The Superintendent discusses each situation with the "Operations Team", including the Assistant to the Superintendent, Director of Facilities, and the Director of Technology. We review the following topics:

  • Transportation

    • What do the road conditions look like across the district?

    • Are our drivers able to report for work?

  • Custodial / Maintenance

    • How much time is needed to clear roads, sidewalks, and parking lots?

    • Do we have electricity?

  • Food Service

    • Are we able to provide breakfast?

    • Are we able to provide lunch (early dismissal)?

  • Technology

    • Are all systems fully functional?

Decisions must be made by 5:30 AM.

3. Discuss Options Available

In most cases, the following are the primary options available:

  • Keep School Open (no changes)

  • Delayed Start (2 hour delay)

  • Early Dismissal

  • Close School

  • Virtual Learning

Over the past few years, we have all seen the benefit of in-person classes. When possible, we will do all we can to maintain in-person classes; however, if there is too much of a safety concern, an adjustment will need to be made to either close school or hold virtual learning sessions.

School Closure VS Virtual Learning

There are two primary modes of thought regarding how best to handle days when the weather does not permit for in-person classes. One thought is to simply close school and make up the day. The other is to run the day virtually, so you do not need to make up the day. The approach of the Daniel Boone Area School District is somewhere between both of those thoughts.

On days of significant snow, a traditional "snow day" (closure) will be called. A school closure will also be called if there are significant power outages reported in the area. Modified (shortened) virtual learning days (also called Flexible Instruction Days - FIDs) will be utilized in cases where conditions prevent us from attending in-person, but are not significant enough for us to completely cancel classes for the day. It is our goal to find a balance between allowing students time to enjoy the fun associated with these special days (as well as help with the shoveling) without taking away some needed breaks for our students in the spring and summer.

4. Communicate the Decision

Communication should be sent out no later than 6:00 AM of the decision made for the day. Our goal is to have decisions made the night before (to better help families with their planning), but this is not always possible. Families will receive this communication in the following ways:

  • Email

  • Text Message

  • Phone Call

Additionally, students and families can find this communication via the following:

  • Social Media (all building and district social media accounts)

  • District App

  • Website (Pop-up notification)

  • WFMZ

  • WEEU

  • Channel 6, 8, & 10 News

  • KYW 103.9 FM / 1060 AM