Virtual Learning

Blazer Virtual Academy (BVA) Information

  • Student is at home - off campus/ buildings

  • Student follows their own daily schedule to keep pace with the course schedule

  • Majority of instruction is asynchronous, meaning a teacher does not deliver in person lessons

  • Coursework is completed online and submitted online

  • Course content does NOT directly match course content or pace of DBASD curriculum In-Person Learning or DBDL classes, rather third-party vendor Imagine Learning PA standards-aligned curriculum

  • Courses facilitated by DBASD staff

  • Semester commitment

Daniel Boone Area School District strives to provide multiple learning platforms for our students and community. The Blazer Virtual Academy( BVA) has a strong partnership with our content provider, Imagine Learning, for asynchronous learning. All inquiries for the virtual learning academy must originate with your child’s school counselor.

What is the Blazer Virtual Academy?

The BVA provides online delivery of curriculum that allows students to be taught from home through instruction via the Internet and a computer. Students can work full or part-time through online courses and work at home at their own pace. 

Who can enroll in Blazer Virtual Academy?

Students who are residents of the Daniel Boone Area School District with the approval of school personnel may enroll in the Blazer Virtual Academy. Student enrollment requires district approval. BVA will enroll students via a parent request, the enrollment process begins by contacting your child's school counselor.