Facility Use Guidelines

Realizing the broad aspect of education, and that education, in reality, is related to all ages, it is the desire of the Daniel Boone Area School Board to make school facilities available for use by the citizens of the Daniel Boone area when such use will not conflict with the regular school program and when such use will result in general benefit to the community.  This policy makes possible the maximum educational return upon the vast community investment in school buildings and equipment.  Requests for the use of facilities must be submitted to the building principal on the official application form at least 30 days prior to the date of use.  Requests will be evaluated on the following basis:

  • Relationship of the organization to the school

  • Aims and objectives of the organization

  • Use which will be made of any funds raised

  • Nature of the planned activity

  • The general benefit to the community

Any organization granted use of school facilities must comply with the following conditions:

  • Official application forms may be secured from any building main office

  • Comply with rules and regulations regarding the use of the building and to abide by the agreement regarding use of spaces and equipment and approved calendar dates agreed upon prior to the event.

  • Assume full responsibility for damage to or loss of school property in connection with the use.

  • Assume full responsibility for any injury or liability resulting from the use of school facilities in connection with this approval.

  • A liability insurance policy, $1,000,000 minimum, shall be required.  The user of a school district facility shall furnish to the Business Manager evidence of insurance listing the school district as named insured.

  • All organizations are requested to end their activities in the buildings by 11:00 p.m.  Any outside group or organization extending its activities beyond 11:00 p.m. may be required to pay an additional building charge of $25.00 per hour over and above the applicable charge.

  • At least one custodian must be on duty during the time the building is in use.  For activities requiring personnel, all groups will be charged as follows:

    • On weekends, holidays, and after regular hours, the charge for needed personnel will be at the district’s cost for the required employee.

    • Groups using the facility will be responsible for general cleanups following the event.  The area to be cleaned will be under the supervision of the assigned personnel.

    • No school equipment will be used except under the supervision and/or direction of school personnel.

  • By submitting a facility use request, each organization agrees:

    • to be responsible for the conduct of all persons present in the building for the organization’s activities

    • to see that the buildings are not misused

    • to have proper adult supervision

    • to have the required security personnel, and

    • ensure that buildings and grounds are used in conformity with the rules and regulations of the Board of Education.

  • No smoking will be permitted anywhere in the buildings or on school property.

  • Food and drink will not be permitted anywhere in the gymnasium or auditorium at any time.

  • When food preparation is required, arrangements may be necessary to have one or more of our regular cafeteria employees present.  The number of cafeteria employees required will be determined by the Food Service Director and be based on the intended use of the kitchen and equipment.

  • Special conditions:  Any special requirements must be complied with, and these will depend upon the facility and conditions at the time permission is granted.  Athletic teams in-season and band take precedence over requests from outside organizations.

  • When the auditorium is rented, Daniel Boone sound and lighting technicians must be used.  Arrangements for personnel should be made with the building principal.

  • Sale of promotional items by non-school approved organizations is prohibited.