The Daniel Boone Area School District, Department of Community Relations & Equity Awareness, is committed to establishing and maintaining a positive culture, while providing differentiated services to all students, staff and families within our community and beyond.

Unity and acceptance for all PEOPLE

Open Hearts / Open Minds

Program Goals

1st Level Goal: Equity Awareness

  • District-wide awareness, involvement, and acceptance of the Community Relations & Equity Awareness program.

2nd Level Goal: Equity in Action

  • District-wide Equity Teams supporting all students; regardless of race, gender, socio-economic status, academic status, sexual orientation, or differing intellectual/physical abilities.

3rd Level Goal: Equity in Action

  • Academic & Social Inclusion for all students (Curriculum). Support MTSS Tiers 1 - 3 (Social Emotional Learning).

Main Goal:             

  • All PEOPLE within the DBASD can comprehend and practice the programs set up through the Department of Community Relations & Equity Awareness. Complete Equity throughout the DBASD. National Recognition for Community Relations & Equity Awareness programs.

R.E.A.D Goals

R: Respect all. Build Relationships

E: Encourage all. Equity Awareness

A: Advocate for all. Advocate for change. Advocate for a positive culture. Advocate for Inclusion.

D: Develop the skills needed to establish Equity. Discipline while practicing the fundamental components of life. Diversity.